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This includes everything you could possibly need (continue scrolling this page for a full package breakdown):

  • 20-minute acoustic set as guests arrive at the ceremony
  • Learn and perform songs chosen by the bride and groom – to be played as the bride walks down the aisle and during the signing of the registry
  • Have our live duo for 3 hours over Canapés
  • DJ – chilled dinner music, then the first dance song and into the style of music the bride, groom and guests like to get the dance floor pumping
  • Curated playlists created
  • The opportunity to be involved in the planning or to relax back and let us customise our music to the vibe and personality of the bride and groom
  • PA speaker system, stage lights and travel are all inclusive in your quote
wedding music byron bay
Dan Clark Band Wedding Music Band Singer Byron Bay

As the bride walks down the aisle & during the signing


Ceremony music performed live: a solo acoustic is perfect to create a relaxed atmosphere during the ceremony. With the couples’ handpicked songs learnt and played live as the bride walks down the aisle and during the signing – there is nothing like an acoustic guitar paired with quality vocals to create an intimate atmosphere. I am able to play a song live for the recessional (bride & groom walk back down the aisle) However in my experience it has been much better to blast a song of your choice from Spotify through our speaker, it packs a bigger punch for such a celebratory moment and you are able to hear it clearer whilst people are cheering.

  • 20-minute acoustic set as guests arrive at the ceremony: creates a cool atmosphere where silence and suspense can arise, and helps to chill out any nerves (especially for the groom)
  • Learn and perform songs as the bride walks down the aisle and during the signing of the registry: these songs can be handpicked by the bride and groom, they do not need to be a song from our setlist

As champagne & beers start to flow OUR live duo sets the scene...

Canapés & cocktail hour

Canapés and cocktail hour music: there is always a great energy right after a wedding ceremony! As soon as the champagne and beers start to flow the live duo set the scene, creating more energy and encouraging fun from your guests. This allows the bride and groom to either join in the fun or go and have photos taken with full confidence that guests will be thoroughly entertained until dinner time. If the tone is set early in the piece, that same fun vibe delightfully flows throughout the whole night. Depending when the bridal party decide to wrap up the photos and head back to the party, we are happy to play a song live for the ‘bridal entry’ to reception, or have it pumped through either mine or the DJ’s speaker.

  • Have our live duo at your canapés for 3 hours: creates the perfect vibe for your canapé and cocktail hours, this really sets the tone for the night.

During dinner, for the first dance &
to get the dance floor pumping

DJ for reception

DJ for reception: While dinner is enjoyed and guests are chatty, our DJ will quietly set up in the background whilst the live music is packing down. This is a seamless transition and adds another element of surprise to the night by having another act to make an appearance.

After dinner and possibly speeches, the DJ will generally start his set with your first dance song and then continue to pump out bangers to get people moving! Feel free to get as involved as you like with song requests.

The best way to go about it is to give us between 5-20 songs you would love played at your reception to ensure the DJ plays the songs that you and your guests want to hear.

  • DJ set: 3 hours for your reception – includes a dinner playlist, the First Dance song for the newly married couple and then into some dance floor bangers! We have partnered up with a handful of Byron Bays’ hippest DJ’s – they have the best gear, look the goods and are totally receptive of your song requests for the night




Music is very personal, unfortunately, the songs you love aren’t what everybody enjoys – when talking to the bride and groom before the big day, I often find they want to ensure their guests, as well as themselves, are enjoying the music. If you want to be involved in crafting the sound for your day we make sure to get a list of your favourite songs and genres (and possibly some of your special guests’ choices) to convey what you like. Then we can ensure you love what you hear on the big day. Every bride and groom have a unique vibe, style and sound that they like - we make sure our wedding musicians reflect this in the performance. Check out our live video here to see and hear our style!


Venues have different noise regulations - your hearts may be set on an amazing venue in a beautiful location that comes with strict noise restrictions. That's ok though, we’ve seen some of the best wedding celebrations unfold despite these noise requirements. We achieve this by playing our live music earlier in the day – with the live duo playing for the ceremony, continuing on through the canapés and cocktail hour and into dinner. The reception sees our DJ take over to drive the dance floor – where the exact decibel (or noise limit) can be precisely controlled. If noise levels are not an issue though all band options can be considered.


When planning the music for each wedding I like to know: how many guests are attending and what is their predominant age – or is it an even mix? After talking with the bride and groom, I can get a feel for what the guests want to hear and choose our songs accordingly. For a smaller wedding the live soloist or duo can play music over the entire day/night - or have the DJ take over for the canapés and/or reception. A combination of musical entertainment builds and enhances the atmosphere of the day - a popular choice is to have the DJ play for the reception after the live ceremony and canapé solo/duo. For a larger wedding there are no boundaries, you can go all out with entertainment! Read on for my breakdown…

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  • For the live music, a soloist or duo is perfect for earlier on, including the ceremony, canapés/cocktail hour and dinner time music 
  • If you decide on a band for your reception (and dance floor) I personally think you need at least a 3 piece band to really get the crowd feeling it, drums play a big part in this. 
  • The DJ for reception is also a great option for a big dance floor, especially if you’ve had live music throughout the day, transitioning into a DJ set sees your night out with you and your guests dancing to all the bangers you love.
wedding music byron bay